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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  September 5, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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idea. >> reporter: she says she dislikes drawing negative attention to her neighborhood. the neighbors are very upset -- everybody knows each other. sources tell news4 the location and method has investigators concerned it may be the work of the same man or men responsible for the robbery and beating of t.c. mass lynn a few blocks away. he was hospitalized and faces a long, different recovery. neighbors are trying to help any way they can. a fund-raiser. just get anyone and everyone who can come here and info-boost, a bike rodeo, work with the american legion, take providence park, our playground, moon bounces and raise awareness, make it safety-themed, but also
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a community event. >> reporter: extra police officers have been deployed to this area, and many of them are working overtime. coming up on "news4 at 6," we will hear from a man a victim of a similar and unsolved attack. his story is just absolutely chilling. you'll want to hear it. reporting live from the capitol hill area, jackie bensen, news4. just a few hours ago, president obama arrived in charlotte. he's going to give his acceptance speech tomorrow night, but will have to do it in a smaller venue. organizer decided to move it to the stadium, which was outdoors to the time warner cable arena indoors. the areno is much smaller. that means tens of thousands who had tickets will not be able to attend now. jim vance spoke to some. >> yes, i did. it could be the bigger news here
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right now is not so much where the president is tonight, but where he won't be tomorrow. the news that the of the's speech has move is disappoints. everyone i know wanted to hear the of the speak. it is disturbing up to wade and now you may end up not going. >> it's been raining here every single night, walking to the convention in the rain, getting there wet, just sitting in my seat was horrible enough. i can't even imagine rain and thursday and lightning when i'm trying to enjoy the convention. >> reporter: they're happy with the announcement the president will return before election day to pay a visit. >> awesome, wonderful, because north carolina is a toss justify state. >> reporter: there's a correction on that made by the without.
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the president is not going to come back to visit, but he is going to invite the volunteers to come visit him at some unspecified site and time before we are told, the election. the convention just went into session, and all these people had to go through security. this place is really locked down and tight, way over the top according to some. tom sherwood is not feeling the love of all these security and there is more. >> reporter: first of all, i want you to show me my credentials. >> i can do that. that's what i did today. everybody has they credentials, and they're ready to show them, even to me. police are everywhere in charlotte, 6,000 federal, state and local officers brought in brought in from all over, including the district of column by contra. all this security since 9/11 has
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become a bure ocrazy of their own. delegates and reports -- news4 decided to see if we could make people show their i.d. cards. he says he's maryland attorney general doug gan her. >> i do have i.d. >> reporter: can you show it. >> the problem is mike has a badge attached to it. >> reporter: can you arrest people? i gil arguably. this is my i.d. >> reporter: can yvette louis -- >> they will not let you in without one of these. i am who i am. i carry my driver's license. >> and it's a maryland license. >> reporter: is this really congressman jerry connelly. >> can you prove you're jerry conley can an i.d. card? >> i can. that's your congressional badge. >> just in case someone like you asks.
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>> reporter: though privacy advocates question extreme security efforts, but putting up with security at big events is a given. >> reporter: just a part of modern life? >> there's a lot of security here and events like this. charlotte hasn't had a convention like this before, but so far they seem to have done a very long job and are taking is very seriously. of course, security, very serious, but jim, it seems like every time i show the credentials, i feel a piece of freedom slipping away? >> reporter: i don't know that most of others feel the same way. i have talk to some, as you have, they don't seem to mind it. >> when a president is going to be here, something like that, it's a very big deal, but just day to day life, when you go into stores or private places, i think there are too many people asking you to show i.d. >> i do need to get along with you for a couple days. after that, try it then.
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getting seriously, though, we are both going to have a report on two of the elements very critical to the president's election. one is the women's vote, and the other is the black vote. that will be coming up at 6:00. once sherwood shows his i.d. to someone, they will never forget him. >> he doesn't have to show i.d. for that to happen. exactly. a former virginia congressman could take some votes away from mitt romney. the board of elections riled that virgil goode jsh is eligible to be on the ballot as a constitution party candidate. the state republican party is challenging him and accused him of petition fraud. romney's team said no president in modern history has been asked to be reelected with this many
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people -- bill clinton is set to speak tonight in charlotte. we had some rain earlier today, and the heat is about to move back in. doug kammerer tells us how long it's going to stick around. >> temperature got close to 90 degrees. right now dew point of 74, look at the number on the bottom. the heat index currently 92. no rain around on the d.c. area, but starting to see some showers down there. a few over the last cup the hours, and the heaviest one now just to the north of culpepper, once again very heavy rain associated with these, and there is some lightning and thunder associated. we're not quite out of the woods yet. another prong that will move through tomorrow. a lot of heat in between, and
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then it this weekend, something else that will change this severe weather entirely. doug, thank you. they oversee dulles and reagan national airports. the dulles toll road and yet to be completed silver line. a federal all dilled revealed lavish spending on trips. not the metropolitan washington airports authority might have some image problems. news4's derrick ward is life with more on what the board did today to try to clean things up a bit. >> appeared ethics guidelines comes on the heel of a federal audit. and out of control travel expenses. these unpaid volunteers that make up the board are appointed by d.c.'s mayor and the president. there was some pushback on details in a proposal lie requires the chair's approval for travel. >> i was criticized, i know, by the vice chairman going to a
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legal hearing a month ago. well, anybody else in this room could have gone to that hear and some directors did go to those legal proceedings. i had to get on an airport and country down here. >> it was a $9 those ticket for two to prague purchased by another board member that raised eyebrows and criticism. the board reference ilmoved to adopt guidelines that mirror tsa policies. if that subject wasn't sticky enough, the board began working on hiring practices to avoid the appearance of chronnyism. again, a caveat from board members regarding tight circles of influence and contact in this town. >> in any given situation you're going to know somebody that knows somebody that may know a contractor, and it seemed like you are putting us in a straitjacket as far as employment goes. the issue stems from a former
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board member shortly after leaving the board, now those involved the board's ceo says he would not have made that hire. >> what do i know today? i understand the optics a lot better. >> reporter: the goal is to avoid past problems or even the perception of those problems. >> so that at the end of the day we have an ethics code that can stand up to all screwed any. >> as we had, this authority oversees the revenue as well as crick shuns. the ethics ideas have yell to be -- but there's more work ahead, because it's obvious some of the proposals for the board aren't flying with its members. back to you in the newsroom. >> derrick ward, thank you. a man is accused of exposing himself? public. police say he dropped his pants as a woman was walking by in
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brings to you last month. the woman ran off, she called police, and he's also listed on the sex offender rentgistry. we're just getting started. why an election officials was rushed offstage. a witness has to beat the animal off the attack. plus how anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for...
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question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. and help build a better future for maryland. mitt romney's position onpprove women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest.
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i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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police in montreal say a 50-year-old man fired a shot that killed one man and critically wounded another. the party was for premier paul even marwat. authorities are not saying if she was the carts. the life of astronaut neil armstrong will be honored in a
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public memorial. armstrong died last month at the age of 82, is buried near his home of cincinnati. when leo press of texas was a little boy, he dreamed of becoming a u.s. segregation made that difficult at the time, but he got in. some days 60 years later he's honored for his service and dedication to the corps. >> if all you see here is a group of marines, how you're viewing these men and women is because of this one. >> i think it's long overdue. >> reporter: nose he couldn't fast-forward time, he was so eager to join the marine corps during the throes of world war ii, he volunteered in 1942, not telling anyone he was only 16. it was come after the marine
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corps be desegregated ironically he and everyone else were fossed to train segregated in north carolina before deploying overseas. of the original 20,000, only 368 are alive. >> for me it's a wonderful experience, but i think more so than myself, i wish that there were more fellas here that are deserving of this award. >> reporter: a certificate and congressional gold medal, the highest distinction. and then there's this -- >> thank you very much, sir. >> reporter: the next generation, who won't let the world forget what he taught time. >> he said his parents were not upset. he said it was something he always wanted to do. he now spends his days writing poetry and sailing.
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>> i love him. that's wonderful. wow, he was saying ragweed and mold are high right now? yikes. >> i think they'll probably say that way the next couple days. >> we're feeling it already. >> i'm going through the clean ex. are you feeling better? >> no. >> not bad. plenty of sunshine, 85 degrees the current temperature. duped of 74, humidity near 70%, just a very warm and humid atmosphere. you can tell all across the area. what does this tell you? we're dealing with some rain around the culpepper region. 98 degrees is the heat index in leesburg, 896 in manassas, 88 in
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la plata, a very humid and soupy atmosphere. most of us have stayed dry today, but south and east got some pretty good rain. now we're looking at this big storm. this is right along 15 and 17 here through southern fauquier county. a lot of light anything, so this is going to put down a lot of rain. another one back to the west, out ahead of it, very warm. tomorrow asp very warm, but most of us should remain on the dry
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side. this evening, partly cloudy, dry for most of us. storms to the south and east, temperatures 81 to about 85. a few clouds, still muggy. temperatures 64. and tomorrow afternoon 89 to 93, as we move through the day tomorrow. once again best chance to the south and east. late saturday into sunday. we start to cool. look at this. i think you will see much better conditions, lower allergies, lower humidity, very nice weather to start next week. next week is looking spectacular. >> we'll take it.
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>> here, within,have a box. >> i now, just put it near my head. straight ahead, crews could soon spray for ticks around elementary schools in virginia. we'll have a live report. and exactly what led to that close call? in sports, kayaking has become a very therapeutic for some wounded warriors, now there is a program putting them on the water. wyche just learned a 12-year-old accused of murder has entered a
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this is a very cool story that makes yew of the beauty of our area and help these people heal themselves. >> you know, many wouldn'ted veterans who return home are athletes, good athletes, robbed
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of the ability to compete with that abled-bodied counterparts. now, some of these wounded warriors have found they don't need a field at all. zachary kiesch has more. >> one day driving home, i stopped by the recruiter and joined as a medic. >> i didn't see it because it was buried, and got hit, woke up at walter reed. >> reporter: they each have a story, uniquely different, equally heartbreaking. what connects them isn't what they've lost, but how they have somehow found resolved in the most unlikely. >> you want a lifestyle of healing, of health. you've got to get exercise, got to get moving, get your weight down. what better thing than get on the water and do this? i see a wheelchair, i see a paddler. >> reporter: in 2004 it was just
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a vision. today, they're using places lie the potomac to heal wounded veterans. >> now we have 36 chapters in the country. we work with over 1,000 veterans a year. by using adaptive equipment and specialized instruction, the program has been an outlet to people like ryan majors. >> this program has helped me in my recovery tenfold. i can't even explain how much it has, and converse with other people, including out wounded soldiers. and it gives me a chance to get out and enjoy this beautiful setting. >> mike bradley would you say dealing with the deebl at a timing effects of a trauma did i brain injury when a friend suggested getting on the water. >> i had a horrible time, unstable, frustrated really,
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really hated it. >> reporter: today he's one of the success stories. the program's founders believe exposing people to like bradley to controlled stress situation like kayaking, can change the thought process. >> great falls, mather gorge, anglers' inn, this river is made to heal. >> my goal is next year i'm doing the grand canyon. >> i know what i have now, i don't dwell on what i've lost or what i used to have. people who do that, they are just stuck. the only juan to get unstuck in a situation is to go out and do stuff. just drive on. >> reporter: zachi quiche, news4 sports. i love ryan majors' outlook. the only way to get unstuck is to try new things. >> and a kayak is a real equalizers.
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it's just you and the water. >> beautiful footage out there. >> a great job. >> thank you, dan. still to come, a beaver attacks a woman in the lake. >> d.c. police officers may have violated a new cell phone camera policy just one day after it took effect. plus did you see it? the direction, first lady
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former president bill clinton gets ready to take the stage tonight. he will try to convince americans that president obama was successful in his first term. president obama arrived in
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charlotte today, ready to give his address tomorrow night. today organizers decided to move that speech indoors to the much smaller time warner cable arena because of the threats of severe weather. that means tens of thousands won't be able to attend the address. a deadly accident on the job in arlington this afternoon. a workers in his 20s electrocuted. a co-worker says he went to get more supplies, and returned to find him shocked. a few thunderstorms, some of them, though, rather large down to the south. could still be a few showers around, but the heaviest one is in through portions of southern fauquier county, right along 15 and 17. you can soo a lot of lightning and very heavy rain arrange the remington area. make sure you're very careful.
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it is moving off to the east, but once again very slowly. thank you, doug. we continue to following some breaking news in prince george's county. chopper 4 above 67 his block of bellcrest road, where police say a student stabbed another student near northwest high school. the victim is 17 years old, and he was taken to the hospital. we'll continue to update you. a peaceful swim takes a frightening turn for an 83-year-old woman. >> she was attacked by a beaver while swimming last night. several people had to help her fend off the animal. >> it's been all over twitter and the internet, ironically a lot of residents had no idea a beaver had attacked a swimmer in the very lake they live on. >> i've gotten a few beaver joke, suggestions.
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>> your timeline will flood with beaver jokes, but to the residents, it's a matter they would rather dam up. >> it was pretty serious it was a large beaver, as i understand it. so the thought that the beaver might be rapid takes the humor out of it. >> reporter: tuesday evening, the woman was swimming here in the lake around 6:00 p.m., when she was bitten multiple times by a large beaver. >> there was someone nearby who saw what was happening, got to shore and struck the beaver with a branch and struck it until it was sort of in a daze. >> reporter: right here is spot where she was actually assisted by two fishermen, who actually brought her to this point where they stayed until medical personnel arrived and treated her. >> and then animal control arrived on scene, and they were able to euthanize the beaver.
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>> reporter: fairfax county animal control released a tame that the beaver has tested positive to rabies, so for now people are being warned to stay out of the water until the county can determine that it's safe to swim with the existing wildlife. >> as soon as we find out the situation with the beaver, we will consult with fairfax county animal control people and other experts to what if anything we should do. >> as for treatment, the unidentified woman will go through five doses of the rabies vaccine over a 28-day percent. coming up at 6:30 we fourth that lake bar croft has a beaver harassment strategy and the possibility it may have played in the attack. thanks a lot, tony. a controversial plan to help pay for road improvements is moving forward in stafford county. the board of supervisors recommending a proposal that requires developers to pay fees of almost $5500 per home to help
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update the existing roads. officials say they should not have to cover the costs, and the fees would only apply to new developments. some are worried the builders will just pass the cost of these on to new homeowners and the board is expected to discuss it at september 18thth meeting. >> a southeast warble man violated his constitutional rights. accusing an officer of seizing his smartphone. according to this federal lawsuit. he was trying to take a picture of what he believed was police misconduct. his phone was taken from him. he says it happened one day after the d.c. police department announced it is okay to photograph officers on duty, and cameras will no longer be confiscated. earl staley says he was waiting for a business to pick up his
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daughter from daycare when he saw police cruiser hit a motorcycle, then police officers began hitting the rider on the ground bleeding. >> i was taking pictures, and the officers reaches over my shoulder and snatches my phone, tells me i'm wrong and i can be arrested, that they could keep my phone, confiscate it, to put it in evidence for the case they were investigating. >> reporter: he says he was told he could re-claim his camera at the 7th district police headquarte headquarters. he says when he finally got it back, the sim card had been removed. he believes it was disposed of or destroyed. >> three years of pictures, my daughter is about to turn 4, those three years of pictures i won't get back. >> reporter: the federal lawsuit was filed against the district of columbia and two police officers, saying they violated his constitutional rights.
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it was filed by the american civil liberties union. >> it's ironic that all this happened one day after the police department issued a new general order reminding the troops, people have a right to photograph you. if people are taking your picture, don't stop them, you definitely can't take their camera. obviously the word had not gotten out yet to this officer, or if it did, he ignored it. >> we asked for a comment from the d.c. police department, they referred all questions to the district of columbia's office of the attorney general. we were told city lawyers have not yet fully reviewed the facts in this complaint and that he will file the legal papers. to answer the complaint within the next few weeks, as it required by law. wendy and jim? >> chris, thank you. coming up next, the special party for michael phelps. and the 94-year-old pilot tells his
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anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to.
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but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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the city of baltimore is planning a celebration for mike fell epps. he ends his olympic career with a report 22 totals med. the governor's office and tells us phelps and other olympians and paralimpians will be taken part in the event. today's wednesday's child is a polite, man keith. he's had to deal with big disappointments in his young life. >> reporter: cartoon characters are his sperkt. at 13 years old, he says he loves art of all kinds. >> i like to look for things like collages, sculptures and different things you don't see every day. >> reporter: he loved checking out the art books. his social work es sell his's a
5:42 pm
bright young man. >> he's incredibly artistic, does beautifully in school. >> reporter: what's your favorite subject? >> math. >> reporter: are you doing well in math? >> yes. >> reporter: what kind of grades? >> a's. >> well, congratulation. he is modest about the things he does well. those who know him say he's just a nice guise, but he has had some disappointments in his young life. >> about six years ago he came in to care with his siblings who have since been adopted. so we're looking for keith to have a permanent family's well. >> reporter: keith says the hardest part is having to move so often. what were you hoping will happen? >> i'm hoping i won't have to move around a look. >> reporter: it turns out he's also very good with clay. he crated and painted a bowl, definitely impressed the artist owner. some art supplies were a gift to keith to take home.
5:43 pm
he also got a gift certificate. >> you can come back, take a class, do a camp or have a party here. so i hope i see you very soon. >> thank you. >> you're very welcome. >> he is a lovely young man. if you have room in your heart or home for keith, call our special adoption hotline. or you can go to our home page at very smart, too. >> coming up next, a growing. the world is fascinated by honey boo-boo. i can't even say her name without laughing. how much money is the family
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president clinton: this election to me is about which... candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income... people and go back to deregulation. that's what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from... the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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a new report out today details the confusion in the airport tower after reporters mistakenly threw three planes too close to each other. controllers cleared two outbound flights to head in the direction of an incoming plane. the national traffic saved board reveals that miscommunication led to the trouble and some controllers were rattled afterward.
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prince george's county police are giving away $100 gift cards this weekend if you turn in a gun. guns westbound dropped out he oxon hill united methodist church. it doesn't matter if its new or used, but it has to be unloaded and leave it in the trunk of your car until the officer goes out and retrieves it. a new details plan spells out the career ladder. the five-tame program revealed today is the leadership initiative for teachers or l.i.f.t. an teachers advance, some can earn more than $100,000, depending on where they teach and whether they have a master's degree. annual performance evaluation will determine where a teacher moves on. should loudoun county spray
5:48 pm
incorrect cried to kill the ticks that carry lyme disease. darcy spencer joins us from ash burn with word on where the sprague might be done is controversi controversial. darcy? a special commission wants to spray not only in park areas, but along wide lines where ticks grow and breed. kathy mire was diagnosed with lyme disease 2 1/2 years ago. >> the fatigue, i couldn't get out of bed, i was bed-ridden for about three months. i became unable to retrieve words. i'm a writer. i had difficulty writing. she finally has her life back. she's made educating others a
5:49 pm
priority. >> lyme is like loudoun's malaria. they're kind of playing catch-up, because everybody in loudoun county knows somebody who has lyme. >> mire says she supports a recommendation being made by the loudoun lyme disease commission to spell a tick-killing incorrect cried on the perimeter of county parks and elementary schools. >> you have kids coming home from school with ticks on them. it's about time. it's irresponsible not to do it. >> reporter: the commission is headed by dr. samuel shore. he's advocating spraying every fall for three falls. >> it's the peripheries where children may wander through their playing that's at highest risk. >> reporter: dr. short acknowledges some may be concerned about spraying near where kids play and learn, but he says the risk is low. >> that smart targeted risk has
5:50 pm
to be balanced against the risk of our children and our citizens contracting this disease. >> reporter: against, the commission will vote on its recommendations this season, those recommendation then go to the board of supervisors on monday. that praying could happen here sometime next month. in ash burn, darcy spencer, news4. thank you, darcy. storm team 4 doug kammerer is back with a look at our forecast. >> that's the heat, humidity and showers activity. 85 is the current temperature the did you want is at 74, very humid across our area. here's what's going on on the radar. a couple things you notice here, big thunderstorm complex right now in the southern portions of
5:51 pm
fauquier county, and here's another boundary. this is a frontal boundary. wouldn't be surprised to see some showers developing and down to the south. so not quite out of the woods yet, but this issed only storm in our neck of the woods, just to the south of warrenton, right along the remington area, just east of culpepper, this is route 15, very heavy rain associated with this, you could easily pick up an inch of rain. it's trying to move east, but having a hard time doing so, but you are seeing rain in -- the wider view showing two fronts, one across our area, another back toward the west. they are both going to move through, one in the next 12 hours, another in the next 24 hours. something else to talk about, hurricane leslie in a perfect position if it was moving our way, but fortunately for us, the fronts will help to push it to the north.
5:52 pm
it's expected to be a category 2 when it comes very close to bermuda. if you have anybody taking a cruise friday or saturday, you may want to rethink that one big time. it heads into portions of nova scotia, could be a devastating storm for them. for us, only some surf prabs. still muggy, but not as muggy as it has been. look for the fog, and tomorrow afternoon, we get warm again. 92 in the culpepper area, slight chance of a shower or storm down to the south and east, but that is really going to be about it. the next couple days, 93 on your friday. another front moves through, that will give us a good chance of rain with a high of around 79 on sunday, sunday afternoon looks gorgeous, and next week nice, and i made that nice as
5:53 pm
big as i could. that's how nice it will be. >> nice. it's very nice. >> very. thank you, doug. here's what's trending online today. >> michelle obama's dress. we knew that would be trending. last night she work this gorgeous pink and gray sleeveless dress by tracy reese. she wore it with a pair of swelled pink pumps from j. crew. minutes after she appeared, reese tweeted so honored. last week ann romney spoke to the republican convention in a bright red oscar de la renta dress that was beautiful as well. also trending today, honey boo-boo's bank account. despite big ratings there's talk the star and her family don't make as much as others. they reportedly pull in between $2,000 and $4,000 an episode. the family told tmz they make way, way more than that. >> way. >> way. the show takes a look inside the
5:54 pm
life of 6-year-old pageant contestant alana thompson, form early from "tiaras & toddlers." she's nicknamed honey boo-boo. >> it's the best, just the best. >> i like the way she talks with her tummy. >> a great family. should a 94-year-old pilot really be flying a plane? really? we'll hear from the pilot himself after he crashed and survived. . coming up on "news4 at 6," an nbc exclusive interview with former bill clinton before he speaks to the democrat ecnational convention tonight. also, vandals target a maryland neighborhood. we have the proof in pictures. and a
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a 94-year-old pilot survived. his name is jack haggerty. he tells his story. >> hey, lord, help. >> reporter: he can laugh about it today, but he knows how close he came to losing his life. >> just lucky. >> reporter: at 94 years old, he's flounce for more than 70 years.
5:58 pm
he says in all that time, he never crashed until yesterday. >> things happen in about two or three seconds, that's all. i said, hey, lord -- >> he was landing his cessna at at leasto airport when the brakes and steering clipped up. he crashed nose-first into a ditch and escaped with only minor injuries. >> i'm glad i wasn't hurt. i hate to lose that wonderful airplane, but that happens. >> reporter: even at 84, he says he was in fine shape to fly. a former flight instructor, he's become known around newport as a fearless flyer. on his 90th birthday, he flew it under thia quinna bay bridge. >> i thought it would be fun. >> reporter: the faa didn't think so. it suspended his listen for a year. haggerty says it was all in fun.
5:59 pm
he never thought he was doing anything dangerous. he simply loved for fly, but he says after yesterday, maybe at 84 years judge, it's time to turn in his wings. >> i think so, except if i gets a chance, i'll fly, but i'm not going to go hunting for it. >> sounds like time's up. >> he gets his license back when he's 96. and when asked if he has other stunts planned for the big birthday, he says no, he plans to spend the daughter with his daughter on land, not on air. stadium controversy at the dnc. there's been a major change. some volunteers are not happy. >> i was lookling forward to this. i got my tickets, i was so excited. i waited four hours in line for it for it to be denied. >> it's happened again and again, people attacked blocks from the capitol. now another victim is coming forward. >> he used a k.


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